Our Story

We are Sam and Megan, living our life in Taunton, Somerset. Together we founded 'ooh nice productions' as a way to share our passion and capture your love stories.

We met in the summer of 2015 and have been married since August 2018. This all started when Sam roped Megan into helping film his bands music videos. Shortly after we picked up a new camera and some lenses and started filming travel vlogs for all the amazing places we visited! With all this new gear we then ended up filming a short teaser video at Megan's brothers wedding and it soon spiralled from there.

The whole wedding experience was something we both felt really connected too, especially since planning our own. The idea of playing such an important role in other couples special day seemed to resonate with us and Ooh nice productions was born in the spring of 2018. Thank you to all of the couples we have worked with so far and all the ones we are yet to meet.


Sam | The Go-Getter

Sam has been brought up in a fast-paced family environment who run their own family business from home. He is an entrepreneur just like his father, always wanting to use his skills to their full potential and constantly setting high standards for himself. He sets himself goals and smashes them regularly, whether this be in work, life, ,music or love. If you were to urban dictionary Sam he would be known as a friend of everyone, eager to achieve and the first to be handing out the beers when surrounded by his friends. His main enjoyments in life are his band, travelling, cooking and planning things.

Megan | The Country Girl

Megan has been fortunate enough to grow up out in the sticks with all her family living close by. She was encouraged at a young age to do what makes her happy and that’s exactly what she’s set out to achieve. Whilst she loves to set herself a project and achieve it, she also enjoys her downtime and would never say no to a cosy night in. Her main achievements in life have been climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and succeeding in and locking down a fiancé who cooks for her every evening. Her main enjoyments in life are keeping fit, eating, family times and days out with her friends.

Find Sam

Website: www.samboxell.com

Instagram: @samboxell

Find Megan

Website: www.notesfrommegan.com

Instagram: @meganboxell91

Vendor Recommendations

Danna Geen Photography

"For any of you looking for a videographer for your wedding or event... look no further. Sam and Megan are an amazing team with original ideas and they don’t miss even the smallest of details. They are professional, fun and slip into the shadows so that you barely know they are there. Contact them today. You will be glad you did!"

Laura Watts - Quantock Lakes

"WOW, Ooh Nice Productions produced an incredible wedding video for Jo & Adam at Quantock Lakes. At Quantock Lakes, we have watched many video's and this video is outstanding. We love how you capture the personalities of the amazing couple so well and we all loved working with you. It's wonderful to see the whole experience from getting ready in our accommodation to the ceremony, the reception and the evening party. I certainly recommend Ooh Nice Productions."

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