Laura & Ryan – 06.05.2018 – Woodlands Castle, Taunton

Whilst filming the bridal preparation in the lovely rooms at Woodlands Castle, the venue chosen by Laura and Ryan, it was hard not to notice the serene calm that filled the room. Laura, alongside her 3 bridesmaids, her mother and her little boy Victor, seemed to be relishing in the pampering being done by the hair and make-up artists. There was laughter, champagne, scones, kids toys and coffee on tap. It was also hard not to notice Ryan, lapping the rooms downstairs in a nervous state waiting for 2pm to hurry up.

The weather was stunning for May, it was hot and the sun was beaming down. This resulted in the ceremony being set -up in the garden outside the stately house. Only in the last half-hour before the ceremony did I see Laura take a deep breath and try and calm her nerves.

Her dress was beautiful, full of lace and beaded detail. The attention to detail of both the dress and the planning of the day showed that a lot of time had been spent on the plans.

Everything on the day ran smoothly, the ceremony was heartfelt and flawless, with an emotional reading by Laura’s mum. The guests were fun, lively, and perfect to work with. Abigail the event manager oversaw the wedding and made the whole day effortless for all involved. Woodlands Castle was such a great venue to film at, we can’t wait to return!

We wish Laura and Ryan all the best and thank them for allowing us to share in their special day, it was fab!


Venue: Woodlands Castle

Photographer: Danna Green


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